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Why IITD needs money?

While the alumni of this esteemed institution have flourished immensely, our globally earned respect and influence don’t fully reflect in our empirical evaluation. In the latest QS rankings, IIT Delhi was ranked at # 182, with 12 Chinese universities and 37 universities in Asia ahead of us. While our scores in research output and employer reputation deserve a rank in top 50-100 spot, the lower scores in International faculty/students and local faculty/student ratio, the parameters directly linked to our infrastructure and budgetary support, deserve a spot in the bottom quartile.


Top Universities in the US operate with a per student opex and capex budget of $200-250K and $45-50K respectively, compared to IIT Delhi’s budget of ~$8K and ~$2.5K per student. Further, most of our engineering courses rank top 50-100 but basic sciences, humanities and business courses lag at 150+ rankings, where we need to increase capacity.

Innovative projects

increase student aids

Teaching programs

Enhance infrastructure


1) Deliver greater value and attain higher levels of quality in their teaching and research than possible otherwise.

2) Take greater risks in undertaking innovative projects, developing stronger teaching programs and increasing student aids.

3) Engage in long-term planning confidently without risk of sustainability to critical projects.

The endowments globally have become very integral to the financial health of the institutions overtime. The 5 biggest university endowment funds in the world have accumulated a pool of more than USD 150 Bn over the years. These funds have an annual payout of ~5% of the assets – accounting for an extra budgetary support of USD ~7.5 bn (24.5K USD per student) each year, which in turn is used in a range of activities for betterment of the institute.


While it takes time to build the endowment corpus, it can get very meaningful and impactful over time. Contribution of endowment funds to the overall operating revenues of the University typically ranges from ~20-30%, but can go up as high as ~60%.

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