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Over the years, IIT Delhi has produced exceptional business leaders. We feel that it’s time now for us to give back. I am sure this Endowment will help IIT compete with global institutions and foster the next set of India’s entrepreneurs and inventors.

Singhal Sandeep
Co-Founder, WestBridge Capital and Sequoia India

IITDEF will give financial flexibility and resources to IIT Delhi to implement its long-term strategic plans and be the leading engineering institution in India and worldwide.

Arun Duggal
Chairman, ICRA

There's no doubt in my mind that this will soon bring India to the forefront of Innovation, Entrepreneurship, Research and Development and substantial improvement in our education system with changes in infrastructure, faculty development and curriculum improvements. I feel proud to be an Alumnus of IITD.

Vikram Gupta
Founder, Ivycap Ventures

This Endowment Fund will ensure that our students get the resources they need to have global impact, hopefully improving people's lives everywhere in the age of AI, robotics, and genomics.

Sashi Reddi
Founder and CEO, Applabs

I am very excited about this idea and have no doubt that the mobilization of this fund will make a significant difference to helping IIT achieve it's fair position globally. These resources can make a real difference to not only creating world class infrastructure but also further step up IIT's effort in capitalising entrepreneurship in India.

Gautam Kumra
Managing Director, McKinsey India

I have wonderful memories of my alma matter and always wanted to give back. Endowment fund gave me the opportunity to give back and make a real difference. EMF structure also empowers Alumni to be a part of the decision-making-process for utilization of funds in the institute.

Vivek Vaidya
Co-founder, Genral partner and CTO of Super{set}
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