Legacy of a lifetime


Create a sustainable impact on the institute & future generations of students by supporting IIT Delhi’s priorities and create a legacy of a lifetime.



Worldwide, endowment funds have been established by global education institutions to secure their long-term financial stability and support their programs. They operate by accepting donations from their alumni, corporates and philanthropists and invest the proceeds of those donations to generate investment income.

The income generated is utilized to fund activities for the benefit of these institutions, many of them for perpetuity. Many institutions abroad have run their endowment funds for several decades and boast fund sizes running into billions of dollars each.


The IIT Delhi Endowment Fund aims to provide a balanced funding model for the Institute. Well-established endowment funds of leading Universities are known to provide upto 30% of their annual operating expenditures, allowing for stable long-term planning.

Objectives of the Endowment Fund

Deliver greater value and attain higher levels of quality in academics and research.
Undertake innovative research and teaching programs along with increasing student aid.
Engage in long-term planning, and develop a self-sustainable model of financial resources.

Why create a legacy with Physical spaces on campus ?

The final goal is to set up an endowment model that will achieve a significant corpus over the next few years, diversifying the institutes funding requirements.
Physical space naming opportunities on campus range from single rooms to entire buildings to outdoor courtyards.

Become a part of the future

Your contribution will help support IIT Delhi’s mission and provide critical support to the University by advancing pioneering research, building infrastructure for growth, and supporting student welfare.

Make a Difference

Your contribution inspires and empowers.

Create your legacy

Let your compassion be remembered and it’s impact persist forever.

Help build an Endowment

The final goal is to set up an endowment model that will achieve a significant corpus over the next few years, diversifying the institutes funding requirements.


Image 1

Mittal Sports Complex

Image 2

Amar Nath and Shashi Khosla – School of Information Technology

Image 3

Bharti School Of Telecommunication Technology & Management

Available Avenues for Naming

There are a number of avenues for naming. You can choose from any of the existing opportunities or explore innovative opportunities with the institute.

Image 1

Academic and Administrative Buildings

Image 2

Lecture Halls, Classrooms, and Labs

Image 3

Greenfield Projects

Image 1

Parks, Grounds, Roads, and Open facilities

Image 2

New Infrastructure and Innovations

Image 3

Library and Common Facilities

Image 1

Auditorium, Seminar Halls, OAT, and Community Infra

Image 2

Student Hostels and Guest Houses

Image 3

Schools, Centers, and Departments

Please connect with us to know more about the options available & to explore new & custom naming options to establish a legacy for yourself.

How to name Assets on Campus?

  1. 1Contact the IIT Delhi Endowment Office

  2. 2Discuss and Shortlist Assets basis your Requirements

  3. 3Detailing for Utilization of Contributions

  4. 4Signing of MoU

  1. 5Naming of Asset

Guiding Principles of the IIT Delhi Endowment Fund

  1. 1 Having the best-in-class governance structure, with an empowered Endowment Board comprising of Alumni and IIT Delhi representation.

  2. 2 Ensuring a structure that can provide a robust platform for long-term growth and to provide maximum tax efficiency for donors and the institute.

Key takeaways from the structuring of the IIT Delhi Endowment Fund

Tax Benefits

To provide maximum tax efficiency to donors and the institute to make the most optimal use of the available funds.


To govern the usage of funds and investment operations in a completely transparent way and in line with the charter of IIT Delhi.


To deploy an effective governance structure to ensure the right treatment of funds with the involvement of an independent board majority composed of IITD Alumni.

Growth and Sustainability

To ensure a structure that is sustainable and provides a robust platform for the long term growth of the endowment.
IIT Delhi is working on building philanthropic affiliations with visionaries and change leaders who want to change the world through investments in the future of Engineering & Technology.
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