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IIT Delhi: A Premier Institution

Indian Institute Technology, Delhi (“IIT Delhi”) is an eminent institute serving India and the world in the field of science, technology, humanities and management for over five decades, and this institute remains an immense source of pride for all Indians. Since its inception, IIT Delhi has produced more than 54,000 graduates/post-graduates, comprising of distinguished alumni who are leading the way not just in science and technology but, several areas like entrepreneurship, business, finance, politics, and social ventures, in India and globally.


In the last two decades alone, alumni of IIT Delhi have launched over 800 startups, raising over US$ 19 billion in funds collectively, placing the Institute amongst the world’s top 10 institutions in terms of  number of startups founded and capital raised by its graduates. Many of these alumni are connecting back with the institute and contributing generously to various Institute initiatives. 


Capital raised by IIT Delhi alumni in last 20 years

Today, all IITs put together are the fourth-largest producers of unicorn startups in the world, right after Stanford, Harvard and University of California, with IIT Delhi Alumni leading the pack creating 14 out of the 24 Indian unicorns. More than 50% of the professionals in chief executive or strategic business leadership roles in India hail either from IITs or IIMs or both. Amongst top 40 Indian private listed companies, IIT graduates are leading corporates with market capitalization upwards of USD 250 bn, with IIT Delhi alumni leading the representation.


Globally, the top brass of companies like Google, Berkshire Hathaway, Sun Microsystems, and Fairfax comprises of IITians.


IIT Delhi alumni are not only leading the execution and capital allocation in corporate India but in the investing world as well. Fund managers with IIT Delhi pedigree are managing more than USD 25 bn of private equity/ venture capital in India, which accounts for around a third of industry’s assets under management. Even outside the business/ finance world, IIT Delhi alumni hold positions of high significance in areas like politics and social ventures.


IIT Delhi is actively involved in collaborative research programmes with international organizations/ universities and remains at the forefront of scientific and technological developments. The contribution of IIT Delhi to research is widely recognized in the country. In spite of having inferior infrastructure, IIT Delhi rates higher on the metric ‘Citations per faculty’ than 4 of the top 10 Universities of the world according to QS rankings (Imperial College London, UCL, University of Cambridge and University of Chicago). The professors and postgraduate students are known to have strong ties with the industry, aiding them in making technological advancements.

more than $25 billion

PE/VC Capital being managed in India by IIT Delhi alumni fund managers

more than $250 billion

Market Cap of Top 50 listed Indian companies with IIT alumni as CXOs

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