Entrepreneurship at IIT Delhi

The Indian Institute of Technology Delhi has gradually evolved from a knowledge institution to a knowledge Enterprise. This success is reflected through its alumni, entrepreneurial ecosystem, and active interfacing with business and community.

IIT Delhi provides a conducive environment for science and technology entrepreneurship. This claim is supported by the fact that it has produced the highest number of unicorn founders in India and also in terms of companies started by its alumni and students.

To promote entrepreneurship at IIT Delhi, EMF launched the IIT Delhi Endowment Nurture fund, which will support and fund four selected ideas per cohort.

Companies by IIT Delhi Alumni - 1307

Unicorns by IIT Delhi Alumni - 23

Endowment Nurture Fund

The fund aims to nurture budding entrepreneurs who have upcoming startups, with the support of our distinguished alumni. The fund will support four selected ideas per cohort along with funding up to Rs 50 lakhs.

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