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The IIT Delhi Endowment Fund aims to provide a balanced funding model for the Institute. Well-established endowment funds of leading Universities are known to provide upto 30% of their annual operating expenditures, allowing for stable long-term planning.

Objectives of the Endowment Fund

Deliver greater value and attain higher levels of quality in academics and research.
Undertake innovative research and teaching programs along with increasing student aid.
Engage in long-term planning, and develop a self-sustainable model of financial resources.

Become a Founder

Help build an Endowment

The final goal is to set up an endowment model that will achieve a significant corpus over the next few years, diversifying the institutes funding requirements.

Become a part of the future

Your contribution will help support IIT Delhi’s mission and provide critical support to the University by advancing pioneering research, building infrastructure for growth, and supporting student welfare.

Make a Difference

Your contribution inspires and empowers.

Create your legacy

Let your compassion be remembered and it’s impact persist forever.

Commit to contribute Rs. 10 Crores over a span of 5 years and become a founder.

Endowment Fundraising Snapshot

Post the launch of IIT Delhi Endowment Fund in October 2019, it now boasts a leadership of 24 founders and co-founders, and the incremental endowments raised have grown to INR 200+ CR as of 31st March 2023.

Founders and Co-Founders by Hostel
The Share Of Founders and Co-Founders has been well spread, specially from Top 4 contributing Hostels.
Founders and Co-Founders by Graduating Decades
While Founders and Co-Founders have been well distributed across batches, the highest participation has been from 1986-95, in terms of No. of Founders and Co-Founders.
Pledges and Realizations from founders and co-founders by Hostels

Pledges and Realizations by Founders and Co-Founders have largely been received from 5 Hostels. Shivalik has been the outperformer.

Pledges and Realizations from founders and co-founders by graduation decades

Join the League of our Founders

Mohit Aron
B.Tech. (Computer Science, ‘95)
Neeraj Arora
B.Tech. (Mechanical, ‘00)
Amarjit Bakshi
B.Tech. (Civil, ‘67)
Binny Bansal
B.Tech. (Computer Science, ‘05)
Sachin Bansal
B.Tech. (Computer Science, ‘05)
Hari Bhartia
B.Tech. (Chemical, ‘79)
Jaswinder Chadha
B.Tech. (Mechanical, ‘90)
Arun Duggal
B.Tech. (Mechanical, ‘67)
Vikram Gupta
B.Tech. (Chemical, ‘93)
Surendra Kumar Jain
B.Tech. (Electrical, ‘93)
Rajiv Kuchhal
B.Tech. (Electrical, ‘86)
Sujeet Kumar
B.Tech. (Civil, ‘03)
Gautam Kumra
B.Tech. (Chemical, ‘91)
Gaurav Kushwaha
B.Tech. (Computer Science, ‘01)
Alok Mittal
B.Tech. (Computer Science, ‘94)
Saurabh Mittal
B.Tech. (Electrical, ‘95)
Mohit Mittal
B.Tech. (Computer Science, ‘00)
Sashi Reddi
B.Tech. (Computer Science, ‘87)
Sandeep Singhal
B.Tech. (Chemical, ‘92)
Amarpreet Singh Sawhney
B.Tech. (Chemical, ‘87)
Amit Sinha
B.Tech. (Electrical, ‘98)
Vivek Vaidya
MSc. (Mathematics and Computer Applications, ‘96)
Ranu Vohra
B.Tech. (Mechanical, ‘93)
Anant Yardi
B.Tech. (Mechanical, ‘68)

Avenues of Fund Utilization

Infrastructure Development / Upgrade

Naming Rights to Existing Assets

Up-Skilling, Welfare & Corporate Programs

New Specialized R&D Centers and Schools

Collaborations and New Research Areas

Student Recognition and Awards

Outdoor Facilities Development / Upgrade

Entrepreneurship (Student Alumni)

Support to Student Activities and Groups

Broad Thematic Areas (Eg, Diversity, Inclusion)

New Academic Positions / Recognition

Special Projects

Working Principles

Ensuring Optimum and Prudent utilisation of funds received.


To deploy an effective governance structure to ensure the right treatment of funds with the involvement of an independent board majority composed of IITD Alumni.


To govern the usage of funds and investment operations in a completely transparent way and in line with the charter of IIT Delhi.

Efficiency via Tax Benefits

To provide maximum tax efficiency to donors and the institute to make the most optimal use of the available funds.

Growth and Sustainability

To ensure a structure that is sustainable and provides a robust platform for the long term growth of the endowment.
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